Coltellerie Fratelli Olivetto

azienda Coltellerie Olivetto

F.lli Olivetto Srl is located in Maniago, Italy. A company with more than 60 years of manufacturing experience that easily propose You a wide range of sporting and professional well finished knives constantly improved on the shape and material made of. F.lli Olivetto Srl since the beginning of its business has been an usual supplier of folding knives and daggers for the Italian and German Army. All our products are made by a carefully hand-crafted production followed step by step in all processing stages. Today we are able to offer to the market a large and smart selection of knives and accessories for the kitchen and for setting the table. All blades are made of molibdenum-vanadio stainless steel and AISI 440C with a verified Rockwell hardess HRC ready to cut.

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