azienda Coltellerie Olivetto

Coltellerie F.lli Olivetto Srl is a family business which was founded in Maniago, Italy, in 1953 by three brothers ARBENO, LUCIANO & MARIO. During the economy growth the employees number in the company reached around 50 people.
The most important orders to be mentioned have been made for:
• German Army during the second half of 60’s and during 80’s;
• Aeronautica Militare with several important orders until years 2000.

1993 the Company became Ltd.

1995 F.lli Olivetto Srl began to be specialized on grinding blades thanks to the investment on purchasing several CNC grinding machines.

2005 the Company was certified to use the QM (Qualità Maniago) trademark additionally to the own Company brands (Lanius - Olivetto - Coltellerie Olivetto). Olivetto’s products are manufactured with the highest quality standards and fulfill the required:
• good Quality of the blade;
• Origin of processing stages made entirely into the Company or at least in the District;
• Concern for the Environment;

azienda Coltellerie Olivetto

Company methods of sale:
• B to C;
• to wholesalers;
• retail;
• to knife sharpening Companies;
• commissioned orders (sharpening blades);
• blade production by the customer design;

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